Family and Tradition

It was no accident. Nor an ephemeral outburst. It was a generational inheritance that carries with great pride what has led Sandro Müller to cook his own history inside the restaurant and the hotel industry, which like his blood runs through his veins.

Under the firm Grupo Rolandi, founded in the Mexican Caribbean 32 years ago, Müller has developed gastronomic and hotel concepts, with the accumulation of professional and business experiences with which he has established parameters of quality and excellence, which has even successfully exported in the National and international media.

Its gastronomic menu has been composed by the brands Rolandi's Restaurant Bar Pizzeria and Casa Rolandi, and the hotel business with Hotel Belmar and Villa Rolandi Thalasso Spa, Gourmet and Beach Club, which enjoy great prestige. However, Müller has never relied, on the contrary he has challenged himself over time to invent and reinvent his legendary signature, to which he has just entered the new concept Very Wine Bar Gourmet & Cigars, and which will shortly Expansion to Cozumel, which will complete its presence in the main tourist attractions of the Mexican Caribbean.

He was born in Lugano, Switzerland, from a family of hoteliers. "It all started in 1911, when my great-grandfather bought a very luxurious house in Lugano and made it a hotel. It was so big that people came asking if they could rent a room; He began to rent them and so became a hotelier. After the war my grandfather had to continue with the improvements of the hotel, like introducing bathrooms in the rooms, and finally my dad was given a swimming pool, disco and gourmet restaurant.

"I studied electronic engineering for a while in Geneva, but it really was not my thing; I liked it, but it's not the same to put together a sound system than to study mathematics, logic, you have to be a smarty pants, and I'm not very good at it. Then I told my dad that I would have liked to study hospitality, which was what I had in my blood. He did not agree at all, so at the end of the conversation I said, 'Well, if you do not want to support me, no problem, I'm going to work', and I went as a disc jockey to Geneva to the Club '58 to pay me the school. However, my father later became convinced of my hotel vocation and paid me the school in Lausane. In a school maintained by the Swiss Hoteliers, of which my father was a member, I got my diploma in 1971, and then I did the internships. I cooked at the Grand Hotel Cervinia in Cervinia, Italy, then I worked as a waiter at a restaurant very well known in Switzerland, at Geneva airport, called Plain Ciel Chez Canonica. Then the administration as an office practitioner at the Cresta Palace Hotel in St. Moritz, Switzerland. This one continued in the Boutique Hotel Blakes of London like chef of the restaurant, where -as anecdote- the food was served to several rock artists, among them Alice Cooper, I even made a special meal to him to the snake that used in his show”.

"I then moved to Amsterdam to work with the Grand Metropolitan Hoteles chain as a sales manager. I returned to Switzerland in 1973 and with a friend I opened a discotheque on the edge of Lake Lugano, which was a success," recalls the businessman Sandro Müller.

Meet The Chef's

Chef Owner Daniele Muller Nationality Suisse-Mexican Studied Gastronomy in Lyon, France Institute Paul Bocuse, worked in 6 and 3 star Michelin restaurants. Rolandi Restaurants is a Family business, where the tradition and roots lay on Suisse Italian cuisine combined with our Local ingredients, a lot of heart and love to de Cuisine.
Chef Alejandro Agudelo Muriel Nationality Colombian Studied Gastronomy and began he's carrier at Casa Rolandi, learning and improving skilles and now in transmitting a lot of he's creative qualities and passion for food.

Our Team


  • Oscar Javier Perez


  • Danielle Muller
  • Jorge Alejandro Agudelo Muriel


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